SKELETON is a registered trade mark of products that are used in car/automotive such as car audio - video, multimedia and GPS, alarm and security, window film, seat cover, car mats and other accessories.

The products have excellent and complete features, also have a good quality. Some of products have warranty of up to 5 years.

The products are easily found, because Skeleton has many dealers and service centers in major cities arround Indonesia.

Every year Skeleton also participates in many important automotive events in Indonesia, such as Indonesia International Motor Show ( IIMS ), Jakarta Fair Kemayoran, Pameran Otomotif Medan ( POM ), Pameran Otomotif Makasar ( POMA ), Pameran Otomotif Surabaya ( POS ), Pameran Otomotif Semarang ( POSE ), and etc.

Skeleton is the best choice for you. Your cars must need Skeleton !